Release date
Catalog number
RS 9352
12" LP
This LP was also released by Riverside under the title "Lullaby of the Leaves". The cover shown is for the mono release.


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Title Performer Written by Info
Frank Ryerson, Grady Watts, Jimmy Eaton Originally by Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Bob Eberly
Irving Berlin Originally by Belle Baker
Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz Originally by Jack Barker
Herb Ellis, Johnny Frigo, Lou Carter Originally by Woody Herman and His Orchestra - Vocal by Mary Ann McCall
Bob Dorough, Terrell Kirk Originally by Les Elgart & His Orch.
Dorothy Fields, George Oppenheimer, Jimmy McHugh Originally by Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra with Vocal Refrain by Ramona & The Kings Men
Billie Holiday, Mal Waldron Originally by Mal Waldron
Bernice Petkere, Joe Young [US1] Originally by Adrian Schubert & His Orch. – Vocal Chorus Harold Van Emburgh
Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow Originally by Mae West with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II Originally by Tullio Carminati
Bob Haggart, Johnny Burke [US] Originally by Bob Crosby and His Orchestra featuring trumpet by Billy Butterfield, Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra
Jack Lawrence [US1], Mary Lou Williams, Paul Francis Webster Originally by Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy