Gene Taylor

Gene Taylor
July 2, 1952
United States
Blues piano-player and singer.
Member of
Canned Heat
The Blasters
The Fabulous Thunderbirds (1993-2007)
James Harman [US1]


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Covers by Gene Taylor

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1987 Bobby Bare
1987 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
1987 Leo Soileau - Mayuse Lafleur, Link Davis with Benny Leader's Bayou-Billies
1987 Jimmy Liggins and His 3-D Music
November 4, 2003 Mead Lux Lewis
1987 Bob Dylan
1991 Lloyd Price and His Orchestra
November 4, 2003 Barbecue Bob
1991 Little Junior Parker and Bill Harvey's Band
November 4, 2003 "Pine Top" Smith
1991 Joe Turner and His Blues Kings
1991 Santo & Johnny
1987 Charlie Calhoun and His Orchestra and Chorus
November 4, 2003 Cleveland Crochet and Band
1991 Kyu Sakamoto
1991 Madlyn Davis and Her Hot Shots, Robert Johnson [US1]
1991 T-Bone Walker
1987 Hank Ballard and The Midnighters
1991 Son House, Robert Johnson [US1]
November 4, 2003 Lee Dorsey



Title Performer Release date Label
Gene Taylor Gene Taylor November 4, 2003 Pacific Blues
Live in Japan The Amos Garrett - Doug Sahm - Gene Taylor Band 1991 Marilyn
The Return of the Formerly Brothers The Amos Garrett - Doug Sahm - Gene Taylor Band 1987 Stony Plain

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