Dieter Zimmermann

Dieter Zimmermann
Cliff Carpenter and His Orchester
Cliff Carpenter & His Orchestra
Cliff Carpenter und sein Orchester
Orchester Cliff Carpenter
December 1, 1943
October 2, 1978
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Covers by Dieter Zimmermann

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i July 1982 Boney M.
i July 1982 Boney M.
i 1976 Boney M.
i July 1982 Boney M.
i July 1982 Gid Tanner and His Skillet-Lickers with Riley Puckett and Clayton McMichen, Boney M.
i July 1982 Boney M.
i July 1982 (unknown)
i 1978 Boney M.
i 1978 The Melodians
i October 1984 G.G. Anderson
i October 1984 Mary Roos
i October 1984 Herrey's
i October 1984 G.G. Anderson
i October 1984 Roland Kaiser
i October 1984 Tony Esposito
i Macho Macho Cliff Carpenter & His Orchestra 1988 Unverified
i October 1984 Bandolero
i October 1984 Real Life
i October 1984 The Tornados
i 1968 Graham Bonney
i 1978 Suzi Quatro
i 1968 (unknown)
i Amore mio Cliff Carpenter und sein Orchester May 1978 Unverified
i 1976 Jürgen Marcus
1976 Jürgen Marcus
i 1976 Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans
1976 Four Way Street, (unknown)
i 1976 Benito Di Paula
i 1976 Wencke Myhre
i 1968 Anna-Lena
i 1968 France Gall
i 1974 Anne-Marie David
i 1976 Gene Cotton
i 1976 Nina & Mike
i 1992 Rex Gildo
i 1976 M & G Orchestra
i 1978 Rino Gaetano
i 1968 Siw Malmkvist
i 1978 Andrea Jürgens
i 1972 De Makkers
i 1976 Tanja Berg
i 1978 Gebrüder Blattschuss
i 1978 Tony Marshall
i 1976 ABBA
i 1976 Marianne Rosenberg
i Midnight Lady Cliff Carpenter und sein Orchester 1986 Unverified
i 1976 Harpo
i 1976 Afric Simone
i 1976 Austin Roberts
i 1974 Happiness
i 1968 Manuela und die 5 Dops
i 1976 Wolfgang Petry
i 1976 Frank Farian
i 1974 Barry Blue
i 1968 Dorthe
i 1976 Jim Reeves [US]
i 1978 Alfie Khan
i 1971 Mireille Mathieu
i 1971 Erik Silvester
i 1971 Frank Schöbel

Songs written by Dieter Zimmermann

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Diese Welt Fred Jay, Dieter Zimmermann Katja Ebstein March 1971 Covered by (3 artists)
Ein neuer Tag - ein neues Glück Fred Jay, Dieter Zimmermann Luminiza November 1971 Covered by (3 artists)
Heut' ist die Welt so schön Michael Holm, Dieter Zimmermann Jack White [DE] 1969 Covered by Rita Deneve
Komm doch mal 'rüber Charly Niessen, Dieter Zimmermann Ingrid Peters 1976 Covered by (2 artists)
Lay a Little Love Dieter Zimmermann, Rainer Pietsch, Asha Puthli Asha Puthli 1979 Covered by Päivi
Mein bester Freund Fred Jay, Dieter Zimmermann Ricky Shayne August 1970 Covered by Henry Spider
Mona Lisa Fred Jay, Dieter Zimmermann Gerd Böttcher July 1968 Covered by (2 artists)
Señor Gonzales Dieter Zimmermann, Georg Buschor Manuela 1967 Covered by Peggy
Shangri-La Charly Niessen, Dieter Zimmermann Costa Cordalis 1975 Covered by Joe Harris

Adapted songs