Jack Good's Oh Boy! by various artists

Release date
Catalog number
N 109
12" LP
From the ATV production of Jack Good's "Oh Boy!"


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Title Performer Written by Info
Artie Singer, David White, John Madara Originally by Danny and The Juniors
Al Davis, Bobby Jones [US1], Dan Welch, Gene Vincent, Tex Davis Originally by Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps
Barbara Ellis, Gary Troxel, Gretchen Christopher Originally by Fleetwoods
Aaron Collins, Brian Wilson, Maxwell Davis, Mike Love, Sam Ling Originally by The Beach Boys, The Teen Queens
Bill Rice, Jerry Foster Originally by Jerry Lee Lewis
Chuck Willis Originally by Chuck Willis with Reggie Obrecht Orchestra and Chorus
Jerry Lee Lewis, Ron Hargrave Originally by Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping Piano
Carl Perkins [US1] Originally by Carl Perkins [US1]
Elizabeth Cotten, Hank Snow, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Roy Orbison Originally by Peggy Seeger, Isla Cameron and Guy Carawan, Hank Snow and His Rainbow Ranch Boys, Roy Orbison and Teen Kings, Young Jessie
Beverly Ross, Julius Dixon Originally by Ronald & Ruby
Bill Tilghman, Norman Petty, Sonny West Originally by Sonny West
Frank Guida, Gary U.S. Bonds, Gene Barge, Joseph Royster Originally by The Church Street Five, U.S. Bonds
Chuck Berry Originally by Chuck Berry
Bob Hilliard, Lee Pockriss Originally by Paul Evans and The Curls
Harold Logan, Lloyd Price, [Traditional] Originally by (unknown), Lloyd Price with Don Costa Orchestra
Bob Cochran, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart, Ned Fairchild, Sharon Sheeley Originally by Eddie Cochran
Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Norman Petty Originally by Buddy Holly and The Three Tunes
Lee Roy Abernathy Originally by Homeland Harmony Quartet