Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen Band
Real name
Catharina Hagen
March 11, 1955
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Eva-Maria Hagen Mother
Wolf Biermann Stepfather
Cosma Shiva Hagen Daughter
Lucas Alexander Spouse (2004-2005)
Herwig Mitteregger Drums in the Nina Hagen Band (1978-1979)
Manne Praeker Bass in the Nina Hagen Band
Reinhold Heil Keyboards in the Nina Hagen Band
Bernhard Potschka Guitar in Nina Hagen Band
Herman Brood Liaison (1980)
Thomas Lück Liaison (1975-1976)
Spliff Spliff were Nina Hagen Band (ex Nina Hagen)
Lokomotive Kreuzberg Four of the five group members formed the Nina Hagen Band


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Covers by Nina Hagen

Title Performer Release date Originally by
October 12, 2022 Merle Travis
1995 Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C.
1997 (unknown), Lotte Lenya & Irene Eden
All Over Nothing @ All Nina Hagen November 24, 2003 Unverified
2010 Woody Guthrie and Chorus with Sonny Terry, Billy Bragg and the Blokes
December 9, 2003 Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by Bob Eberly
Am dunklen Fluss Nina Hagen September 19, 2014 Unverified
2006 Ziggy Elman & His Orchestra, Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
1999 Erich Ponto & Rosa Valetti
August 23, 1989 (unknown), W.D. McFarland, (unknown), Caroline Miolan-Carvalho PRF, E.N. Kristmann REL, Nana Mouskouri
2006 Aaron Lebedeff and Lucy Levin, Andrews Sisters
November 11, 2011 (unknown), (unknown), (unknown)
1996 Ramones
  2006 Eddie Quillan and Arline Judge REC,BRD, Ginger Rogers and Willie Howard PRF
2006 Bob Crosby and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Helen Ward
2006 Bob Crosby and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Marion Mann
December 9, 2022 Bob Dylan REC, The Chad Mitchell Trio REL, Marlene Dietrich
1999 (unknown), (unknown)
1999 Harald Paulsen, Lotte Lenya, Roma Bahn, Erich Ponto, Kurt Gerron & Rosa Valetti
November 11, 2011 Wolf Biermann
1999 Roma Bahn, Erich Ponto & Rosa Valetti
December 9, 2003 Little Willie John
2006 Slim and Slam
2006 Hildegard Knef
1996 Rising Sons [US]
1991 The Beach Boys
1985 Norman Greenbaum
2006 Lilian Harvey
2010 Kris Kristofferson
December 1979 Bob Dylan
  December 9, 2003 Phyllis Cleveland and Skeets Gallagher PRF, Carl Fenton's Orchestra (Walter Haenschen) REC
2010 (unknown)
1993 Mahalia Jackson and The Falls-Jones Ensemble
1997 The Monkees
December 9, 2003 Ella Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight
2006 Lilian Harvey
2010 Stamps Quartet
September 22, 2017 Ton Steine Scherben
September 22, 2017 Ton Steine Scherben
November 11, 2011 Ray Charles
November 11, 2011 Adamski
2002 Orchestra Tipica diretta da Piero Trombetta, La Dolce Vita [DE]
August 23, 1989 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
1995 Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C.
1996 Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C.
  December 9, 2003 Sandra Church and Company PRF, Sandra Church REL
  December 9, 2003 Fred Astaire with Johnny Green and His Orchestra REC, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers BRD
November 4, 2005 Siw Malmkvist
2010 T-Bone Walker featuring Freddie Slack at the Piano with Bass and Drums
August 23, 1989 Janis Joplin
1980 Claude François
1999 Herbert Grönemeyer
2010 Blind Willie Johnson
November 11, 2011 Bob Dylan
2010 Depeche Mode
December 9, 2003 Judy Garland
December 9, 2022 Sheryl Crow
December 9, 2003 California Ramblers - Vocal Refrain by Ted Wallace
1995 Rising Sons [US]
October 10, 1994 Udo Lindenberg und Das Panikorchester
  2010 The Jubalaires REL, Golden Gate Quartet REC
1996 Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C.
October 6, 2003 Rammstein
2006 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Ray Eberle and The Modernaires
2006 Judy Garland
1995 The Velvet Underground & Nico
1985 Norman Greenbaum
  December 9, 2003 Susan Miller PRF, Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Jack Leonard REL, Glenn Miller and His Orchestra – Vocal Refrain by Ray Eberle REC
December 9, 2003 Leona Williams and Her Dixie Band
  2006 Abbie Mitchell REC,PRF, Helen Jepson REL
1996 The Velvet Underground & Nico
1978 The Tubes
December 9, 2003 Elvis Presley with Ann-Margret
1985 Nina Hagen
1983 Red Hot Chili Peppers
August 23, 1996 The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl
1979 Rita Pavone - Die Cornels und Sunnies - Werner Müller und sein Orchester
1979 Lene Lovich
1992 Nanette Workman
1983 Zarah Leander
1996 Ramones
1995 Ramones
Covered by The Carsom McCullers
  1999 Harald Paulsen mit Orchesterbegleitung REL, Harald Paulsen & Lotte Lenya PRF

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