Banner [US1]

Banner [US1]
United States
from 1922 to 1938
Mid-priced record label formed primarily to sell through S.S. Kresge Company dime stores, but also sold through other dime stores.


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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
0503 Sam Lanin and His Troubadours Great Day 1929 78rpm
0533 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra - Dubin's Dandies Singin' in the Bathtub - Can You Fry an Egg? 1929 78rpm
0535 The Clevelanders – Willie Creager & His Orchestra That Wonderful Something Is Love – Sweetheart of Spain 1930 78rpm
0544 The Clevelanders – Lou Gold and His Orchestra Sunny Side Up – Just for Tonight 1930 78rpm
0572 The Clicquot Club Eskimos You've Got That Thing 1929 78rpm
0590 Majestic Dance Orchestra - Dubin's Dandies The Man from the South with a Big Cigar in His Mouth - Lonely Lady 1930 78rpm
0592 Bert Lown - Lou Gold The One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered with Me - Without You 1930 78rpm
0597 Roy Carlson's Dance Orchestra - Bert Lown and His Orchestra There's Some Sunshine Back of Every Cloud - Keepin' Myself for You 1930 78rpm
0606 Buddy Blue & His Texans – Lou Gold and His Orchestra Romance – Will You Be Mine? 1930 78rpm
0625 Sam Lanin and His Orchestra What Is This Thing Called Love? 1930 78rpm
0629 Royal Marimba Band [US] (Joe Green) Lazy Lou'siana Moon 1930 78rpm
0641 Ralph Haines - Chick Bullock When I Meet My Sunshine - Should I? 1930 78rpm
0649 Lone Star Ranger Eleven More Months and Ten More Days 1930 78rpm
0684 Lou Gold & His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus George Beaver I'm in the Market for You 1930 78rpm
0691 Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra – Hollywood Dance Orchestra The Woman in the Shoe – Ain't Life a Load of Happiness 1930 78rpm
0704 Carson Robison Trio When the Bloom Is on the Sage 1930 78rpm
0705 Carson Robison Trio They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree 1930 78rpm
0747 Ben Pollack & His Orchestra - Imperial Dance Orchestra If I Could Be with You (One Hour Tonight) - Because I'm Lonesome 1930 78rpm
0771 Carson Robison Trio Moonlight on the Colorado 1930 78rpm
0847 Cab Calloway & His Orch. – The Caroliners Sweet Jennie Lee – I'm Happy 1930 78rpm
0870 Patt Patterson and Lois Dexter On the Red River Shore 1931 78rpm
0872 Frank & James McCravy Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem 1930 78rpm


Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
1001 Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra – Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes – Leave Me with a Smile 1922 78rpm
1010 Yerkes Master Saxophonists – Vocal Chorus Arthur Hall Dapper Dan 1922 78rpm
1011 Charles Harrison My Sunny Tennessee 1922 78rpm
1024 Vincent Lopez and His Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra – Glantz and His Orchestra The Sheik of Araby – When Buddha Smiles 1922 78rpm
1045 Lenzberg's Midnight Frolic Orchestra – Vocal Chorus Arthur Hall Virginia Blues 1922 78rpm
1100 Lanin's Southern Serenaders Good Mornin' 1922 78rpm
1112 Majestic Marimba Orchestra Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses 1922 78rpm
1122 Billy Clarke – Billy Burton Homesick – My Buddy 1922 78rpm
1124 Arthur Fields – Billy Clarke and Bert Green All over Nothing at All – The Yankee Doodle Blues November 1922 78rpm
1132 The Original Memphis Five Bees Knees December 1922 78rpm
1147 Arthur Fields – Vernon Dalhart To-Morrow – 'Way Down Yonder in New Orleans 1922 78rpm
1152 Sam Lanin's Roseland Dance Band Railroad Man 1923 78rpm
1164 Majestic Dance Orchestra [NG] The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise 1923 78rpm
1184 Thomas and West - Billy West (Ernest Hare, Billy Jones [US]) Barney Google - I Love Me April 15, 1923 78rpm
1221 Vernon Dalhart - Billy West (Vernon Dalhart, Billy Jones [US]) My Old Ramshackle Shack - What Do You Mean by Love 1923 78rpm
1224 Lillian Harris - Acc. by Original New Orleans Jazz Band Down Hearted Blues 1923 78rpm
1244 Billy Jones [US] I've Got the Yes! We Have No Banana Blues 1923 78rpm
1247 Billy Burton Wonderful One 1923 78rpm
1261 Billy West - Bob White (Vernon Dalhart, Billy Jones [US]) Last Night on the Back Porch - Mamma Goes Where Papa Goes 1923 78rpm
1265 Six Black Diamonds (California Ramblers) Sobbin' Blues November 1923 78rpm
1267 Imperial Dance Orchestra [Schubert] An Orange Grove in California November 1923 78rpm
1273 Billy West – Vernon Dalhart When It's Night Time in Italy – Tell All the Folks in Kentucky December 1923 78rpm
1291 Sam Lanin's Orchestra – Hollywood Dance Orchestra [Samuels] Linger Awhile – Love Is Just a Flower 1923 78rpm
1298 Eph Hanaford's Dance Orchestra – Imperial Dance Orchestra Sleep – Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven) February 1924 78rpm
1349 The Six Black Diamonds (California Ramblers) Nobody's Sweetheart 1924 78rpm
1357 Viola McCoy - Clara White Mama's Gone, Goodbye - Buzzin' Round 1924 78rpm
1371 Clara White - Gladys White You Don't Know My Mind Blues - How Come You Do Me Like You Do? 1924 78rpm
1372 Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra Jealous 1924 78rpm
1404 Arthur Fields That's Georgia 1924 78rpm
1445 New Orleans Jazz Band – Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra Copenhagen – How Come You Do Me Like You Do 1925 78rpm
1459 Golden Gate Orchestra – Missouri Jazz Band Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do – Doo Wacka Doo 1925 78rpm
1476 Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra – Sam Lanin's Orchestra Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me – Nola 1925 78rpm
1509 Bar Harbor Society Orchestra - The Golden Gate Orchestra (Ben Selvin, California Ramblers) Indian Love Call - Rose Marie 1925 78rpm
1535 Sidney Mitchell Yearning, Just for You 1935 78rpm
1543 Sam Lanin and His Orchestra - Lou Gold and His Orchestra Waiting for the Moon - Yes Sir, That's My Baby 1925 78rpm
1563 William Bailey Papa De Da Da 1925 78rpm
1564 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra – Ernie Golden & His Orchestra Save Your Sorrow for Tomorrow – Some Day We'll Meet Again 1925 78rpm
1578 Vernon Dalhart After the Ball 1925 78rpm
1611 Vernon Dalhart He Sure Can Play the Harmonica 1925 78rpm
1612 Bob Fuller Milenberg Joys October 1925 78rpm
1621 Hollywood Dance Orchestra - Missouri Jazz Band Paddlin' Madelin' Home - Stomp Off, Let's Go! 1925 78rpm
1622 Sam Lanin and His Orchestra - Hollywood Dance Orchestra Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue - Fritzi 1925 78rpm
1626 Billy Jones [US] I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight 1925 78rpm
1639 Eddie Peabody & His Band – Fletcher Henderson & His Band Don't Wake Me Up Let Me Dream – Sleepy Time Gal January 1926 78rpm
1646 Eddie Peabody & His Orchestra Beale Street Blues 1925 78rpm
1649 Billy Jones and Ernest Hare (The Happiness Boys) Show Me the Way to Go Home 1925 78rpm
1656 Newport Society Orchestra – Six Black Diamonds That Certain Party – Steppin' Fool February 1926 78rpm
1662 Missouri Jazz Band – Six Black Diamonds Spanish Shawl – My Charleston Dancing Man 1926 78rpm
1667 Hall and Ryan - Ernest Hare and Billy Jones (The Happiness Boys) Then I'll Be Happy - I Wish't I Was in Peoria December 1925 78rpm
1669 Irving Kaufman I Wish That I'd Been Satisfied with Mary 1926 78rpm
1677 Hollywood Dance Orchestra [Selvin] What De We Care if It's One O'Clock February 1926 78rpm
1706 Franklyn Baur – Ernest Hare and Billy Jones Just Around the Corner – Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again 1926 78rpm
1716 Missouri Jazz Band – Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra Poor Papa – So Does Your Old Mandarin 1926 78rpm
1720 Irving Kaufman - Howard Clarke After I Say I'm Sorry - Am I Wasting My Time on You May 1926 78rpm
1734 Eddie Peabody Spanish Shawl 1926 78rpm
1765 Chic Nelson's Collegians Ya Gotta Know How to Love 1926 78rpm
1767 Sam Lanin's Troubadours - Imperial Dance Orchestra Katinka - Only You and Lonely Me 1926 78rpm
1768 Adrian Schubert's Salon Orchestra Cherie, I Love You 1926 78rpm
1771 Irving Kaufman - Arthur Fields Somebody's Lonely / I Wish You Were Jealous of Me 1926 78rpm
1776 The Buffalodians - Missouri Jazz Band Baby Face - My Pal Jerry 1926 78rpm
1778 The Buffalodians - Missouri Jazz Band How Many Times? - Breezin' Along with the Breeze 1926 78rpm
1779 Sam Lanin's Troubadours – Hollywood Dance Orchestra Someone Is Losin' Susan – Am I Wasting My Time on You? September 1926 78rpm
1781 Dixie Washboard Band - Vocal Chorus Clarence Todd I've Found a New Baby July 1926 78rpm
1782 Sam Lanin's Troubadours – Vocal Chorus Irving Kaufman For My Sweetheart 1926 78rpm
1787 Macy and Smalle – Ed Smalle Where'd You Get Those Eyes? – Ya Gotta Know How to Love September 1926 78rpm
1796 Joe Candullo & His Everglades Orchestra Black Bottom September 1926 78rpm
1799 Imperial Dance Orchestra - Missouri Jazz Band Oh! If I Only Had You - My Cutey's Due at Two to Two Today 1926 78rpm
1804 Billy Burton – Irving Kaufman While the Years Go Drifting By – Tonight You Belong to Me 1926 78rpm
1817 Adrian Schubert's Salon Orchestra Scool Day Sweethearts 1926 78rpm
1822 Eddie Peabody Baby Face 1926 78rpm
1828 Billy Jones – Arthur Fields For My Sweetheart – Here I Am November 1926 78rpm
1831 Jimmy Andrews Looking at the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses 1926 78rpm
1833 Bessie Brown What's the Matter Now? November 1926 78rpm
1851 Jerry Underhill - Billy Jones I'm on My Way Home - That's a Good Girl 1926 78rpm
1854 Irving Kaufman - Billy Jones I Found a Million Dollar Baby in a 5 & 10c Store - My Girl Has Eye Trouble November 1926 78rpm
1859 Bessie Brown Nobody but My Baby Is Getting My Love 1926 78rpm
1868 Al Lentz's Dance Orchestra – Sam Lanin's Troubadours I've Got the Girl – Sunday 1927 78rpm
1874 Charles Keene Just a Bird's-Eye View of My Old Kentucky Home 1926 78rpm
1896 Arthur Fields - Charles Keene Hello Bluebird - Lazy River 1926 78rpm
1905 Imperial Dance Orchestra [Schubert] Blue Skies March 1927 78rpm
1907 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra – Jack Pettis and His Band Sam, the Accordion Man – Stockholm Stomp March 1927 78rpm
1908 Willie Creager's Dance Orchestra – Jack Pettis and His Band Yankee-Rose – St. Louis Shuffle 1927 78rpm
1920 Mandy Lee - Helen Baxter Harlem Blues - I Wants a Real Man 1927 78rpm
1922 Bill Perry's Entertainers Crazy Words - Crazy Tune 1927 78rpm
1924 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra - Fred Rich's Dance Orchestra I'm Looking over a Four Leaf Clover - Take Your Finger out of Your Mouth April 1927 78rpm
1927 Jack Pettis & His Band It All Depends on You April 1927 78rpm
1929 Jack Pettis & His Band - Willie Creager's Dance Orchestra I Gotta Get Myself Somebody to Love - Moonbeam! Kiss Her for Me April 1927 78rpm
1936 The Radio Imps Sam, the Old Accordion Man 1927 78rpm
1951 Billy Jones and Ernest Hare (The Happiness Boys) – Arthur Fields Crazy Words—Crazy Tune – Get Away Old Man, Get Away May 1927 78rpm
1959 Sam Lanin and His Orchestra - Imperial Dance Orchestra Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away - Pick a Rose in Picardy 1927 78rpm
1962 Imperial Dance Orchestra – The Six Hottentots Where the Wild, Wild Flowers Grow – Rosy Cheeks 1927 78rpm
1966 Adrian Schubert's Salon Orchestra Russian Lullaby 1927 78rpm
1977 Laura Smith Don't You Leave Me Here 1927 78rpm
1991 Charles Harrison Russian Lullaby 1927 78rpm
1993 Ernest Stoneman When the Roses Bloom Again June 1927 78rpm



Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
32015 The Varsity Eight – Elliott Jacoby & His Orch. You're Driving Me Crazy – Bye and Bye Sweetheart 1931 78rpm
32070 The Whoopee Makers [Ellington] Rockin' Chair 1931 78rpm
32077 Lou Gold and His Orch. - Vocal Chorus by Irving Kaufman Reaching for the Moon 1931 78rpm
32091 Patt Patterson and His Champion Rep Riders The Old Chisholm Trail 1931 78rpm
32102 Sam Lanin & His Orch. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 1931 78rpm
32105 Ben Pollack and His Orchestra - Eddie Kirkeby and His Orchestra I'm a Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas) - Headin' for Better Times 1931 78rpm
32183 Chick Bullock You Said It 1931 78rpm
32211 The Two Poor Boys Sitting on Top of the World 1931 78rpm
32214 Ruth Etting Without That Gal! 1931 78rpm
32216 Ben Alley Many Happy Returns of the Day 1931 78rpm
32219 Sam Lanin and His Orchestra I Found a Million Dollar Baby 1931 78rpm
32231 Ruth Etting Just One More Chance 1931 78rpm
32252 Chick Bullock's Levee Loungers I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You 1931 78rpm
32267 Famous Garland Jubilee Singers I Want to Be Ready 1931 78rpm
32269 Aristocrats [US1] I Don't Know Why 1931 78rpm
32284 Merle Johnston & His Orch. Call Me Darling (Call Me Sweetheart, Call Me Dear) 1931 78rpm
32288 Roy Smeck's Vita Trio Farewell Blues 1931 78rpm
32294 Chick Bullock's Levee Loungers River, Stay 'Way from My Door 1931 78rpm
32326 Merle Johnston & His Orch. It's Love 1931 78rpm
32340 Cab Calloway & His Orchestra Corinne Corinna 1932 78rpm
32347 Bob Causer and His Cornellians I Found You 1932 78rpm
32361 Vincent Rose & His Orch. Two Loves 1932 78rpm
32371 Carolina Ramblers String Band Ninety Nine Years 1932 78rpm
32395 Salty Dog Sam I'm Still Sitting on Top of the World 1932 78rpm
32433 Famous Garland Jubilee Singers Shine on Me 1932 78rpm
32459 Billy Banks & His Orch. Spider Crawl 1932 78rpm
32462 Billy Banks and His Rhythmakers Margie 1932 78rpm
32485 Bob Causer and His Cornellians The Clouds Will Soon Roll By 1932 78rpm
32510 Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers We Just Couldn't Say Good-Bye 1932 78rpm
32530 The Rhythmakers (Billy Banks) I Would Do Anything for You 1932 78rpm
32540 Cab Calloway and His Orchestra How Come You Do Me Like You Do? September 1932 78rpm
32541 Annette Hanshaw Love Me Tonight 1932 78rpm
32568 Will Osborne and His Orchestra - Vocal by Will Osborne 'Twas Only a Summer Night's Dream 1932 78rpm
32599 Will Osborne and His Orchestra Please 1932 78rpm
32601 Owen Fallon and His Californians - Vocal Chorus by Harlan Lattimore Take Me in Your Arms 1932 78rpm
32607 Jack Bland and His Rhythmakers A Shine on Your Shoes 1932 78rpm
32624 Cab Calloway and His Orchestra Beale Street Mamma December 1932 78rpm
32647 Cab Calloway and His Orchestra Eadie Was a Lady 1933 78rpm
32663 Freddy Martin and His Orchestra Night and Day 1933 78rpm
32671 Annette Hanshaw Moon Song 1933 78rpm
32685 Curly Weaver and Ruth Willis - Fred McMullen and Ruth Willis Some Cold Rainy Day - Just Can't Stand It 1933 78rpm
32690 Fred McMullen Wait and Listen 1933 78rpm
32691 The Georgia Browns It Must Have Been Her 1933 78rpm
32692 Mac and Bob (Lester McFarland, Robert A. Gardner) When It's Lamp Lightin' Time in the Valley 1933 78rpm
32702 Frank Luther's Trio - Zora Layman Unwanted Children - Seven Years with the Wrong Man 1933 78rpm
32703 Martin and Roberts (Asa Martin, James Roberts [US]) My Dixie Home March 1933 78rpm
32717 Gene's Merrymakers Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing 1933 78rpm
32822 Walter Roland Red Cross Blues 1933 78rpm
32832 Walter Roland Early This Morning 1933 78rpm
32883 Joe Venuti and His Orchestra Moonglow 1933 78rpm
32902 Gene Autry When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye December 1933 78rpm
32905 Joshua White Pure Religion December 1933 78rpm
32933 Buddy Moss Broke Down Engine 1933 78rpm
32937 Will Osborne and His Orchestra Inka Dinka Doo 1934 78rpm
32963 Todd Rollins and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Chick Bullock I'll See You in Church 1934 78rpm
32966 Buddy Spencer Trio (Frank Luther, Zora Layman, Leonard Stokes [US1]) Home on the Range 1934 78rpm
33007 Yank Rachell Stack o'Dollars Blues 1934 78rpm
33039 Eddie Cantor The Man on the Flying Trapeze 1934 78rpm
33048 Bob Causer and His Cornellians Riptide 1934 78rpm
33072 Bessie Jackson Red Cross Man 1934 78rpm
33085 Big Bill Mistreatin' Mama Blues 1934 78rpm
33089 Charlie Davis and His Orchestra - Vocal chorus by Frank Parrish I Never Had a Chance June 1934 78rpm
33103 Callahan Brothers Katie Dear (Silver Dagger) July 1934 78rpm
33107 Georgie Price I Never Had a Chance June 1934 78rpm
33116 Britt and Ford Chime Bells June 1934 78rpm
33170 Will Osborne and His Orchestra It Was Sweet of You 1934 78rpm
33172 Gene Austin Dear Old Southland 1934 78rpm
33180 Callahan Brothers New Birmingham Jail No. 3 October 1934 78rpm
33187 Will Osborne and His Orchestra The Continental (You Kiss While You're Dancing) 1934 78rpm
33191 Vincent Rose and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Tony Sacco Stars Fell on Alabama 1934 78rpm
33233 Smith Ballew and His Orchestra Merry Widow Waltz 1934 78rpm
33271 Joe Reichman and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Paul Small I'll Follow My Secret Heart December 1934 78rpm
33273 Smith Ballew and His Orchestra Isle of Capri December 1934 78rpm
33287 Cliff Edwards with The Eton Boys Love Is Just Around the Corner 1934 78rpm
33292 Bob Causer and His Cornellians You're the Top 1934 78rpm
33309 Goebel Reeves The Big Rock Candy Mountain 1935 78rpm
33314 Big Bill Hard Headed Woman 1935 78rpm
33340 Cliff Carlisle Goodbye Old Pal February 1935 78rpm
33353 Johnny Johnson and His Orchestra Lullaby of Broadway 1935 78rpm
33366 Harlem Hot Shots [Manone] March Winds and April Showers 1935 78rpm
33384 Teddy Hill and His Orchestra (Lookie, Lookie, Lookie) Here Comes Cookie April 1935 78rpm
33392 Johnny Johnson and His Orchestra Roll Along Covered Wagon 1935 78rpm
33399 Luis Russell and His Orchestra Primitive 1935 78rpm
33455 Smith Ballew and His Orchestra You're All I Need 1935 78rpm
33475 Lucille Bogan Shave 'Em Dry 1935 78rpm


Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
6001 Sam Lanin and His Orchestra When Day Is Done 1927 78rpm
6007 Golden Gate Dance Orchestra (California Ramblers) Just Another Day Wasted Away 1927 78rpm
6008 The Six Hottentots - Indiana Five Sometimes I'm Happy - Sugar 1927 78rpm
6029 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra – Imperial Dance Orchestra [James] Just Once Again – Come Back to Romany September 1927 78rpm
6030 Missouri Jazz Band [Nathan Glantz] Who's Wonderful! Who's Marvelous! Miss Annabelle Lee August 1927 78rpm
6048 Golden Gate Dance Orchestra (California Ramblers) Beale Street Blues 1927 78rpm
6050 California Ramblers – Missouri Jazz Band Someday Sweetheart – I'm Always on the Road to Nowhere 1927 78rpm
6093 Sam Lanin and His Orchestra The Varsity Drag 1927 78rpm
6097 Fred Rich's Dance Orchestra My Blue Heaven December 1927 78rpm
6102 Al Lynch & His Orchestra The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 1927 78rpm
6117 Lizzie Miles Mean Old Bed Bug Blues November 1927 78rpm
6121 Gotham Society Orchestra Among My Souvenirs December 1927 78rpm
6125 Adrian Schubert's Salon Orchestra – Nathan Glantz & His Orchestra The Song Is Ended (But the Melody Lingers On) – Old Names of Old Flames January 1928 78rpm
6209 Lou Gold & His Orchestra – Missouri Jazz Band When Polly Walks Through the Hollyhocks – Don't Send Your Wifey to the Country December 1928 78rpm
6223 Richard Dexter Sonny Boy 1929 78rpm
6233 Ernie Golden & His Orchestra – Hollywood Dance Orchestra Sweethearts on Parade – Brighter Days February 1929 78rpm
6237 Campus Boys – Majestic Dance Orchestra Where the Shy Little Violets Grow – Carolina Moon February 1929 78rpm
6247 The Radio Imps My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now 1929 78rpm
6257 Campus Boys - Willy Creager & His Orchestra I Faw Down an' Go Boom - Cat's Kittens 1929 78rpm
6263 Campus Boys – Willie Creager & His Orchestra My Suppressed Desire – Wide Open Gate 1929 78rpm
6278 George Beaver – Jack Kaufman Where the Shy Little Violets Grow – Baby's Coming Back 1929 78rpm
6287 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra – Nathan Glantz & His Orchestra If I Had You – In the Light of My Baby's Eyes 1929 78rpm
6295 Kentucky Grasshoppers Four or Five Times 1929 78rpm
6302 The Radio Imps – George Beaver Sweethearts on Parade – In the Light of My Baby's Eyes 1929 78rpm
6306 George Beaver (Irving Kaufman) My Mother's Eyes 1929 78rpm
6323 Irving Kaufman & His Band – Kentucky Grasshoppers St. Louis Blues – Icky Blues May 1929 78rpm
6341 Frank Luther My Little Old Home Down in New Orleans 1929 78rpm
6355 Kentucky Grasshoppers Tiger Rag 1929 78rpm
6367 Roy Smeck's Trio – Vocal Chorus Ralph Haines If I Had You 1929 78rpm
6371 The Pickard Family The Little Red Caboose Behind the Train 1929 78rpm
6483 Campus Boys [Lanin] – Gil Rodin & His Boys Lovable and Sweet – It's So Good 1929 78rpm
6516 Campus Boys – Dubin's Dandies Rio Rita – That's What Love Did to Me 1929 78rpm
6526 Al Foster - Ralph Haines Painting the Clouds with Sunshine – In Springtime 1929 78rpm
6564 Eddie Peabody Painting the Clouds with Sunshine 1929 78rpm


Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
7029 Royal Marimba Band [US] - Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra A Shady Tree - Was It a Dream? March 1928 78rpm
7031 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra - Hollywood Dance Orchestra Back in Your Own Back Yard - How Can I Forget You? 1928 78rpm
7063 Ralph Haines I Can't Do Without You 1928 78rpm
7074 Vernon Dalhart Little Marian Parker 1928 78rpm
7084 Nathan Glantz and His Orchestra – The Original Indiana Five Waitin' for Katy – Moten Stomp 1928 78rpm
7091 Ralph Haines – George Beaver Was It a Dream? – I Wonder if You Miss Me Tonight? 1928 78rpm
7095 Roy Smeck - Frank Ferera's Hawaiians Ramona - Pinin' Hawaii for You 1928 78rpm
7128 Lizzie Miles Your Worries Ain't Like Mine June 1928 78rpm
7151 Bob Fuller Here 'Tis 1928 78rpm
7167 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra – Lou Gold & His Orchestra Sorry for Me – The Dance of the Blue Danube 1928 78rpm
7168 Ernie Golden and His Orchestra - Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra (That's Just My Way Of) Forgetting You – When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles with You) September 1928 78rpm
7179 Frankie Wallace Way Out on the Mountain September 1928 78rpm
7192 Imperial Dance Orchestra - Joe Candullo & His Orchestra Ready for the River – Deep Hollow 1928 78rpm
7204 The Four Aristocrats – Ralph Haines Just Like a Melody out of the Sky – Someone Left Me Mighty Lonesome October 1928 78rpm
7215 Royal Marimba Band – Majestic Dance Orchestra Memories of France – The Rose You Gave tTo Me 1928 78rpm
7237 Jewel Male Quartette I Ain't Gonna Study War No More 1928 78rpm